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Bic Fishing Kayaks - Fishing from a kayak is a sport that has developed rapidly over the last few years. BIC Fishing Kayaks allow you to get off the beach easily without needing a big, heavy boat. In a kayak you can go fishing where and when you want, solo or with friends. The green camouflaged colouring of BIC Sea Fishing Kayaks help them disappear into its background. The BIC Fishing Kayak range offer great storage which allows you to carry bags or cases with extra equipment. Stable and fast, the BIC Sea Fishing Kayak range will get you quickly to the best fishing spots, and into very shallow or rocky water without risk.

Bic Sit On Top Sea Fishing Kayaks are suitable for both sea and flat water use, perfect for beginners and experienced kayakers.  A Bic Fishing Kayak offers excellent manoeuvrability, straight line performance, stability and gliding properties making it an informed choice when salt or freshwater fishing.

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